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Stella's Studio Apartment in London.


This is an interior design project for a studio apartment.

Sidorova Design was approached by the future tenant of a studio apartment who was set to move in August 2020 however, the interior of the apartment did not suit her tastes as she believed it “felt soulless”.

The initial design approach was based on the following client requests:

  • Separation of the bedroom and living room,
  • Softer feel to the apartment’s internal aesthetic,
  • The sense of a more personal space,
  • To have a lot of pink shades and add a sense of personality.

Works were carried out:

The Scope of Works was comprised of re-designing the living room, dining room and bedroom spaces.

The client decided to keep some of the furniture from her previous flat (a sofa, a bed and a dining table), but has offered to get rid of these should Sidorova Design consider them to be at odds with the current design concept.

Sidorova Design started this project looking at the space from the client’s perspective; how should the apartment resemble if she were to live in style? If she wanted to have a luxurious space with the personality to match? Keeping the tones of the original colours was mentioned during the preliminary discussions.

Sidorova Design proposed a selection of design options where the main difference with the apartment’s original look was a change in rug style however, the client chose to add a pink colour palette as it helped to provide the ‘soft’ and personal feel she was after.

Sidorova Design suggested using stick-on wallpaper on the feature wall as the landlord only allows the screw-fixing or nailing of decorations, and the use of stick on/off products – glue damage to the walls is prohibited).

Of course, these decisions came with additional cost (and the client was on a budget), but they bring an additional level of detail for the feature wall and add depth and texture that unite to create a coherent look for the scheme that the client is pleased with.



From the photos above, it is now evident how bright and warm the apartment has been made to feel via the incorporation of a light & soft colour scheme that accentuates the other items present (indoor plants, framed pictures, etc).

With the budget provided, what has been achieved is subtle yet impressive (especially when one compares the current and previous interiors).

Unsurprisingly, the client was extremely satisfied with the service provided and has since recommended Sidorova Design to others.

NOTE – See below for the ‘shopping list’ of items purchased to provide the apartment’s finishing touches.

Shopping list:

The client was very satisfied with the design from the outset and requested to that a shopping list containing the items shown in the design be created. Sidorova Design therefore collected all of the products and added them to the end of the design presentation. 


Today, the client enjoys spending time in her newly decorated, cosy and comfortable apartment where every single item inside reflects her personality and personal preferences. She wanted to create as soft and cosy an effect as possible whilst having a minimum of the works done to the walls. 

The work for this design project was carried out remotely and the photographs are to be taken later this year.

Please contact me if you plan to renovate your house, flat or a room – Sidorova Design is here to help with, and project manage, your renovation needs.

More information regarding this project can be obtained by making a meeting appointment with Sidorova Design, or by simply giving a call.

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