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Ana and her team at Sidorova Design were approached by the owners of 7 Mansard Close in Hornchurch to produce Building Control Approval drawings, and aid with the Building Control Approval application process, for a Ground Floor, single storey flat roof extension.

Building Control Plans & Approval:

‘Building Control plans/drawings’ (also known as ‘Building Regulations’ plans/drawings) are prepared by architects in order to ensure that the development/project they pertain to meets certain legally-recognised standards, encapsulated in a set of regulations, that apply to all buildings.

The purpose of Building Regulations is to protect people’s health and safety in the built environment by establishing a set of professionally acknowledged and enforceable criteria

Building Control plans are more technically-oriented and detailed than Planning drawings and they are drawn up to demonstrate that the proposed works are in accordance with the aforementioned regulations by capturing and clearly illustrating many of the technical aspects of the project relating to construction methods, intricate construction details, calculations, specifications, dimensions & other measurements, etc.

Rear Extension, in Detail:

As can be understood from reviewing the below Proposed Roof Plans for Building Control approval, along with photos of the finished extension, the new structure is comprised of brick walls with Rockwool insulation and 30-min rated fireline plasterbaord.

Trench fill foundations run quite deep below ground and support a concrete slab with cement that serves as the base for the floor. Steel beams support the roof which is covered by Kingspan ‘Thermaroof’ roofing felt.

Details such as these are what Building Control surveyor’s check against Building Control regulations to ensure the new structure is up to standard.

Finally, due to the size of the extension, the drainage layout catering to the property had to be altered, as per the below sketch:

A Successful Outcome:

With the help of Sidorova Design, Building Control Approval for the above extension was granted.

Ana submitted plans and was on-hand to provide technical information when this was requested by the surveyor, which meant that the owners of 7 Mansard Close were not inconvenienced by these requests as they were quickly satisfied thanks to the expertise of Ana and her team ( the below extract outlines the details asked for by the Surveyor).

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