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As part of a pre-planning consultation, one of Ana’s clients engaged Sidorova Design to produce initial design options for an outhouse with pool, etc., at 24 Freeman Way in Hornchurch (RM11 3PH).

Following selection of one of the options, Sidorova Design team was then asked to produce further drawings in order to obtain Planning Permission for the construction of the outhouse.

Design Options

Sidorova Design put forward four initial designs for the outhouse to suit the brief provided by the client. Although largely similar, each option offered a different layout and building shape (with some variation as to what was to be included, e.g. a gym, a seating area, a steam room, a skylight roof, a second storey, etc.).

As can be seen from the below extracts, to deliver as clear a sense as possible of the final construction, Sidorova Design’s plans for each option were comprised of:

  • A Ground Floor Layout Plan.
  • A First Floor Layout Plan (where included as part of the option).
  • A Roof Plan.
  • Elevations.
  • Sections drawings.
  • A 3D View Plan.

See Extracts of Options Plans (click to enlarge):

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4:

Following a review of the options presented, along with in-depth discussions, the client decided that Option 3 best portrayed how they envisaged the final build and subsequently asked Sidorova Design team to finalise the design for the Planning Permission Application process.

Planning Permission

Sidorova Design revised certain aspects of Option 3 to suit modifications requested by the client and to help ensure the granting of Planning Permission. Finalised plans were produced by revising those that were prepared during the pre-planning consultation stage. These were sent to Havering Council as part of the application.

By comparing the below Planning Permission Application plans to the initial ones covered by Option 3, above, one can identify the changes made prior to submission.

See Extracts of Planning Permission Application Plans:

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