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The Engagement:

The owner of a Ground Floor 2-bedroom flat, located in Ebbsfleet Road (West Hampstead, NW2), was looking to renovate the entirety of the internal space of the property with the aim of modernising the Victorian-style interior.

Sidorova Design was engaged to produce plans depicting a design intent and concept proposals created by Ana herself. These would comprise a Conceptual Design Package that would be sent to Builders as part of an invitation to tender for the works via the submission of a quote.

Ana and her team were given a deadline of two weeks in which to complete the package – a tight time-horizon that Sidorova had capacity and skill to achieve whilst generating refreshing and thoughtful concept designs, as can be seen from the extracts below.

Key Features of the Existing Layout:

The key features of the Ground Floor space (with an approximate gross area of 76.37sqm/ 822.04sqft) include:

  • A Victorian style interior.
  • Ceiling cornices and mouldings
  • A reception with a fireplace.
  • A spacious kitchen/diner.
  • 2 bedrooms.
  • An under-stair storage area.
  • A bathroom.
  • Original wood floors throughout.
  • An outdoor terrace.
  • Sole use of garden.
  • Large windows within a niche, located in the reception.

Sidorova Design’s main objective was to re-invigorate the internal design whilst accentuating these key areas without rendering them incongruous to the property’s overall feel.

The Interior Concept & Internal Design Package:

Sidorova Design first put together the below conceptual design package covering all of the main sections of the Ground Floor 2-bedroom flat, with the aim of presenting an overall design concept in order to inspire the client and demonstrate the extent to which the space could be energised.

West Hampstead Conceptual Design by Ana Sidorova Design

Following this initial virtual realisation, that served as a preliminary ‘blue-print’ to outline Sidorova Design’s re-design to the client and facilitated an agreement between both on how to proceed with more in-depth conceptual proposals, Ana was requested to focus on designs aimed at renovating five of the principal areas included in the conceptual design package; the Living Room, the Main Bedroom, the Bathroom, the Corridor and the Terrace.

Reception Room/Living Room Proposal:

Serving as the main space for relaxation and communal activity (along with the dining room), the Reception Room is an open area with relatively large front-facing windows that allow the penetration of natural light during the day. Also present is a fully-functional fire-place that adds to the character of the room and can be used to keep the apartment heated with a log-fire.

As can be seen from the below images, the existing paraphernalia installed in the room was largely functional, basic and somewhat incongruous with the surroundings.


Following the strip-out of the Reception Room, it was evident that such a large area presented a great opportunity to create a spacious environment that showcased an understated yet elegant design whilst not taking away from its primary purpose of relaxation and social interaction.

Following the review of the conceptual design package for the whole apartment, Ana re-envisaged the Reception Room in an array of colour palettes with modern furnishings including new wall-hanging paintings, a stylish table with a glass top in the room’s centre, inconspicuous storage spaces, a modern sofa & armchair, wall-fixed light fittings either side of the chimney breast, etc.



Main Bedroom Proposal:

As the main bedroom is the place where the inhabitant starts and ends their day, it was vital not only to create an environment in which personal preparation is facilitated, but also where storage space is maximised whilst also remaining stylish and discrete. To this end, Ana focused on subtle, soft tones for the façades of the full-height wardrobes incorporated into her designs.

Ana also introduced a sizeable mirror above a protruding section where one can stand, or be seated, and prepare themselves for work, a night out, a good sleep, etc.

Several conceptual designs were generated, each with a different colour-scheme, to showcase the array of options available when it came to creating the mood and ‘personality’ of the bedroom.

When comparing the Existing state of the Main Bedroom to Ana’s Proposed designs, it is immediately evident that a chic and modern renovation is achievable.


Bathroom Proposal:

To maximise the modest space reserved for the Bathroom, Ana’s envisaged re-designs, in their various forms, introduce a walk-in shower with the shower itself built into the wall.

Privacy is maintained whilst a rear-facing window permits a sufficient flow of natural light from the outside.

A sleek bath and two-tone colour-scheme options add a more contemporary feel to the space (as can be seen from the below images of Proposed colour palette options).


Ana’s proposed concepts include an array of bathroom products and materials including:

Bathroom Tiles

  • Victorian Centro Viena Decor tiles (200mm x 200mm).
  • Lisbon Vintage patterned tiles (45cm x 45cm).
  • Comet dark grey marble effect gloss wall and floor tiles (300mm x 600mm).
  • Veined stone light grey tiles (600x600mm).
  • Marble effect matt grey floor tiles (450mm x 450mm).
  • Canada Series grey glazed porcelain tiles (31.6cm × 63.5cm).
  • Inverno grey marble effect rectified wall and floor tiles (292mm x 585mm).

Bathroom Items

  • Brooklyn 600mm gloss grey 2-door wall-hung vanity unit.
  • Grohe Solido Euro / Arena complete WC 5 in 1 pack + toilet roll holder.
  • Newark 900mm x 900mm quadrant shower enclosure + pearlstone tray.
  • Summit square ceiling-mounted shower pack (with handset + rainfall shower head).
  • Kent single-ended bath (1400mm x 700mm).
  • Monza Waterfall bath shower mixer taps + shower kit.
  • Monza Waterfall basin tap + waste.
  • Cruze modern thermostatic douche shower spray kit with shut-off valve + hose.

Corridor Proposal:

Comparing the Existing Corridor to Ana’s Proposed design in various colour schemes allows one to understand the degree to which this area was in need of a ‘face-lift’. Via Ana’s concept proposals, what was once a dark, uninviting Corridor is transformed into a more welcoming and interesting part of the apartment.

This was achieved by incorporating a smooth wooden floor, wall-hanging pictures and simple yet eye-catching light fittings hanging from the ceiling.

Comparing the Existing Corridor to the Proposed options brought to the client underlines how a narrow space can be made to feel more streamlined and appealing.


Terrace Proposal:

The Existing Terrace, save for a table with a parasol and some chairs, is bare and, in its current state, does not invite regular use. Ana’s Proposed designs present a back garden zone with wooden decking, comfortable outdoor furniture and cover to shield users from the rain. With a sizeable Terrace space available, Ana’s conceptual plans and ideas emphasise the opportunities that exist and can be implemented to turn a sparse, uninspiring outdoor area into a great communal area and showpiece.


The team at Sidorova Design are well-versed in putting together conceptual designs regardless of scale or property type. If you would like to see how your home can be updated in a manner more suited to your tastes, Ana and her team are on-hand to bring your preferences to life.

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