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The Process:

  • Initial Discussions

Upon first contact with Sidorova Design, you will find yourself engaging with Ana herself who will be keen to understand what it is that you wish to improve or change about the space, or spaces, you have designated for improvement.

This is also your chance to ask Ana any questions you may have about Sidorova Design specifically, or interior design more generally. Having an idea of a total budget and rough start date for any works would be helpful.

  • Drawings and Concept Designs

Following the initial discussions (and any requisite exchanges of information), Ana and her team at Sidorova Design will begin work on generating concept designs, layout plans, etc, that will represent the first attempt at generating concepts that suit your vision.

These first drawings will be re-visited and revised based on your comments and preferences to ensure that the final set best embody the look & feel you’re aiming for.

  • Shopping List

From the discussions between you and the team at Sidorova Design, and the drawings subsequently produced, Ana will create a shopping list (containing prices) that will cover all of the items included within the final concept work produced previously.

Of course, this will be tailored to fit your budget and you are free to pick and choose what you do and do not include in your newly revived space or spaces.

Case Study – Stella’s Apartment (A Studio Apartment in London, 2020)

This is an interior design project for a studio apartment.

Sidorova Design was approached by the future tenant of a studio apartment who is set to move in in September 2020 however, the interior of the apartment did not suit her tastes as she believed it “felt soulless”.

The initial design approach was based on the following client requests:

  • Separation of the bedroom and living room,
  • Softer feel to the apartment’s internal aesthetic,
  • The sense of a more personal space,
  • To have a lot of pink shades and add a sense of personality.

Sidorova Design proposed a selection of design options where the main difference with the apartment’s original look was a change in rug style however, the client chose to add a pink colour palette as it helped to provide the ‘soft’ and personal feel she was after.

The client was very satisfied with the design from the outset and requested to that a shopping list containing the items shown in the design be created. Sidorova Design therefore collected all of the products and added them to the end of the design presentation.

The project is covered in more detail here > 

Sidorova Design Services

Ana and her team are very versatile when it comes to interior re-design; whether you are looking to refresh the look of one apartment, or a large residential block of flats, Sidorova Design are here to help you by planning, drawing, modelling and finally, creating your perfect scheme.

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