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Sidorova Design improved the building layout done by one of our Spanish architects, who has not completed the work to the stage. Sidorova was a big help to finalize our work for the project manager to continue with the project abroad. After a few layout amendments, Sidorova created 3D visuals for us to understand our house design in Spain and provided new house layouts we were finally happy about.

Her 3D house visuals were very appreciated by the project manager as it gave a clear idea of materials and all external and internal looks, we were going for. Sidorova was requested to provide detailed drawings for most of the joinery in the house, which helped both contractor and me to run projects quicker – based on good coordination with factories. Sidorova was recommended to us by our friend earlier in 2018, which I honestly appreciate the support she has given.

She is capable to work on the creative stage as much as focusing on technical construction drawings helping others to understand details for making an order for joinery and kitchen cabinets production.

~ Thank you, Sidorova Design.

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