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One of the fundamental tools utilised routinely at Sidorova Design is Autodesk’s Revit; we are highly proficient in a wide range of design software but Revit has evolved into something of an industry standard when it comes to more complex developments and models.

Revit – A BIM Modelling Software:

Increasingly, professionals in the construction and architectural design industries are following the Building Information Modelling’ (‘BIM’) workflow process whereby a 3D virtual model of a project is created in a BIM modelling programme by an architect, and this same model (with all of its data) is used and consulted throughout the project’s life-cycle (and typically long after the construction phase is complete) by the often extensive array of parties involved (designers, engineers, technicians, end-users, etc).

‘Revit’, by ‘Autodesk’, is a popular example of BIM software used by a wide variety of professionals to create a unified model that all disciplines and trades can use to complete their work. Revit hosts the information that forms the model from which drawings and documents are derived.

The software allows all project data to be stored in a single project file, permitting multiple users to work on the same project file and merge their changes with every save. All changes in Revit are coordinated across the entire project, so a change in one place (view) is a simultaneous change in all views.


Sidorova Design Revit Expertise:

3D modelling in BIM software is a skill that requires a high degree of knowledge and practice to acquire. Architect’s who can model in Revit are in demand as more and more developments are subject to the BIM process.

At part of Sidorova Design, the team is very well-acquainted with Revit which is recognised in the architectural design and construction industries for its tools that enable users to create, edit, and review 3D models in exceptional detail.

The software allows all project data to be stored in a single project file, permitting multiple users to work on the same project file and merge their changes with every save. All changes in Revit are coordinated across the entire project, so a change in one place (view) is a simultaneous change in all views. The Revit model can be accessed, modified and used by an extensive array of parties involved in any project (designers, engineers, technicians, end-users, etc).

At Sidorova Design, the team’s combined expertise means they are fully able to I model buildings of any scale whether they be residential, commercial, hospitality, etc. This can be done in 2D or 3D in an array of programmes and formats such as Enscape 3D (architectural visualisation software which can also produce rendered videos), Revit, AutoCAD, etc.

Where Revit is concerned, the personnel at Sidorova Design can provide services for private clients and corporate organisations alike, and are fully versed in:

  • MEP tools (such as the Project Browser).
  • The manipulation of parameters and schedules.
  • The importation different trade files and performing Clash Detection.
  • Transferring existing Fire Protection (Pipework) and Fire Detection (Cables) Designs from CAD drawings into Revit models.
  • Providing support as required in producing completion documentation including ‘as installed’ drawings, certification and operating manuals, etc.
  • Creation of Revit families (a group of components used to build a model, for example, walls, windows, stairs, doors, bathrooms, fixtures, showers, etc., with a common set of properties, or parameters, and a related graphical representation).
  • Many other things – simply ask!


Ana’s Previous Revit Work:

In early January 2021, Ana started working as a freelancer for ‘eightspace’, an interior design company servicing the educational and commercial sectors, and the parent company of ‘Pinnacle Furniture’. She generated Revit models of furniture for one of eightspace’s project during this time, having created over 2,000 single REVIT family files containing the pieces of furniture which range in type, size and colour.

Subsequently, Ana has grown her team to form ‘Sidorova Design’ where she now has several subcontracted experts working alongside her to handle bigger, more complex projects & larger volumes of work.

Specs, technical drawings and images were supplied by eightspace in order for Ana to create 3D models of the furniture, and other elements of the project, from scratch. These models were used by the Project Designer to present concepts to the client so that the latter could see exactly how the project space would look, with the chosen furniture style, before ordering the components from manufacturers.

Sidorova Design is currently engaged as a contractor by ‘USA Anguleris’, creators of ‘BIMsmith’ – the industry’s emerging product research and discovery platform that makes it easy for AEC pros and building product manufacturers to work together. Although the company is American, Sidorova Design’s work is carried out in the UK and sent to the team overseas.


Virtual Reality and Revit

The next big and intriguing step that Revit is perfectly placed for is exploration of BIM models via the integration of VR headsets such as the ‘Occulus Rift’.

Through this combination of software and hardware, a multitude of different people involved in a project will be able to explore its Revit model by placing themselves inside of it, thus allowing for individual or group walks into any designed space – imagine sitting for a meeting in the room you’re going to build before it even exists!

Integration between Revit software the virtual world is made seamless via the use of plug-ins, such as that provided by ‘Sentio VR’.

Of course, this way of using Revit is currently quite costly as the hardware (headset, controllers graphics card, etc) and plug-in software have a cost attached. However, as VR becomes more mainstream, competition and economies of scale should see these prices decrease.

Creators of Revit, Autodesk, outline the benefits of extending their modelling tool into the virtual world, here.

Ana and her team pride themselves in staying at the forefront of architectural design technology and look forward to incorporating innovations in technology such as these in a way that benefits Sidorova Design and the client.

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