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Woldscape Table, Global Feast Olympic Festival, London, 2012

Concept and Production

Project designer: Atmos Alex Haw
Project Assistant: Ana Sidorova Design

More outsourcing information can be found here: Woldcape Table

The Worldscape Dining Table:

‘Worldscape’ is a striking 15 x 6 x 2 metre dining table and seating ensemble for 80 people that depicts a geometric landscape that evokes the image of our planet. 

Diners sit on an interlocked, semi-transparent bench running the length of the table that places them at ‘sea-level’ (being sat ‘in the sea’), enabling their immersion into the sectional cut through of the world; mountain ranges rise up prominently and cities are illuminated by thoughtfully positioned lights.

Global Feast:

Worldscape was launched at the start of the London Olympics in July of 2012 with the event ‘Global Feast’, a dining experience consisting of 20 sequential evenings boasting menus composed to exhibit world culinary exploration.

Worldscape Configuratios:

The Worldscape design is reconfigurable as the modules of which it is comprised are detachable and can be recombined in a variety of ways to create new map forms, or separated out to create separate areas of café seating.

Ultimately though, the concept is most impressive when presented as a whole piece and serves as a powerful metaphor for collapsing distance and bringing people together


The table was made from 4ft wide sheets of melamine-faced plywood cut to form the landscape using digital fabrication techniques.

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