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Kilnwood Family House, new built in London.

Completion: Ongoing
Existing to Proposed Planning Design
Private Residential Project in Kilnwood.

Services Provided:

For this project, an existing site was demolished to make way for a new building. Existing site drawings had to be produced and digital site topography modelling was carried out to capture the differences in level.

I assisted my client with modelling the proposed design in more detail. This included advising on structural input, services design, external building design and detailing of the porch, gutter, driveway and backyard terrace.

The External Design:

The new building design ensured that the property was of a historic style that would be approved by the Council however, the site was later revised to encompass aspects of a richer and more modern look typical of a newly Built house. A challenging combination to pull-off but ultimately achieved via the use of a stronger shade of red brick and darker fascias. Exposed brick detail around the window and door openings, and around the building’s lower level, was also introduced. The drive-way was modeled to allow for ease of circulation and a remote-controlled double-gate system was incorporated as part of its entrance.


Location & Planning Approval:

The family house is situated out in the countryside within East London’s greenbelt. As such, the planning application for this residential house design had to be meticulous. The drawings, renders and models showcasing the architectural design were produced by Ana using the 3D modelling software ‘Sketchup’ (a ‘Revit’ model was also produced).

As this was a new structure to be built on an existing site (the previous building having been demolished), special heed had to be taken when ensuring that all dimensions, angles and levels were displayed correctly on the diagrams drawn up. This is done so as to ensure successful project execution on time and within budget. The drawings and models that you can see here are the final products generated from solid survey work.

More information regarding this project can be obtained by making a meeting appointment with Ana, or by simply giving her a call.


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