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Private Family House Project. Completed in 2016. Spain

In 2016, the Kiara H. Private House project design located in Spain was finalised. A modern, high-end family house comprising three bedrooms, the build was originally conceptualised as a smart open-space arrangement that would showcase how eco-friendly materials could be seamlessly incorporated into a stylish architectural design (for example, the intention of using compressed earth materials to form the walls, recycled timber to create the kitchen slabs, etc).


The House

The house not only has to suit a family (with the space requirements and lifestyle this entails), but also integrate synergistically with an outdoor area containing a pool and space to unwind. Quite a challenge for an English designer working on a project to be situated abroad!

Revit models, sketches and renders are created prior to the commencement of the project’s build in order to satisfy client requests and ensure satisfaction.


Open-plan design

Maximisation of space through open-plan design, and an efficient placing of interior facilities and paraphernalia, have produced a sense of expansiveness and freedom; virtually a necessity in any family home. This is further promoted by the sizeable panes of glass positioned at the forefront and rear of the build allowing natural light to flow into each room, accentuating the subtle light colours of the design and the understated yet elegant furnishings arranged throughout.

Perhaps the most striking showcase of this successful strategy through which light and space are combined is the kitchen, where the windows between the garden area and the kitchen itself allow for those inside the house to see out with a perspective that is virtually un-obstructed.

Not only is this an aesthetic accomplishment, but it also allows any parent to have a view of their children when the latter are enjoying themselves outdoors.

Furthermore, the triple glazed windows are able to both retain heat inside when the temperature drops outdoors, and keep the interior cool when the temperature outside is high.

The bathroom is also designed in such a way that ensures freedom of movement and ease of access with a spacious central area the surrounds of which encompass all one may need.

Ultimately, the architectural service provided ensured that a smart and eco-friendly build, that makes full use of space within, was achieved.

Ana Sidorova done an excellent job by providing me with very accurate site survey. She produced very accurate existing site plans and advised me on some further space design within my budget. She created very useful 3D model visuals I used to explain my builders on what I am planning to achieve. Based on the work she did I could move much quicker from where I was – thinking of renovating to building and applying the proposed design in reality. I am please Sidorova was recommend to me by my friend earlier the year I truly help much support.
She is capable to work on creative stage as much as focusing on technical drawings helping others to understand construction phase.
~ Thank you, Ana Sidorova.

Kiara H.


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