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Grand Pavilion Degree Show Design, Grand Parade Campus, Brighton, UK

 Prototype Modelling, Pavilion Construction 2013

The Pavilion Exhibit & Ana’s Involvement:

In 2013, Ana was part of a team tasked with creating a structure that would exhibit different pieces of design work by students from the University of Brighton.

She was involved all the way through for this task; from the conceptual stage, to building a prototype model (using University facilities), and finally getting stuck in with the construction of the pavilion itself!

The project was successfully completed on time with an excellent quality of workmanship. Not surprising what with all of the hands-on help provided by the University’s architectural students!

The Design:

The Grand Pavilion was designed to be a temporary structure made from wood that would be (relatively) easy to assemble. Two walkways, with walls and curved tops, had design works from students on display that those walking through could examine.

Spaces within the walls were created especially to house the pieces that students had produced. Steps were connected to the openings of the walkways and the latter were wide enough for several people to walk through at any one time.


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