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Dudley House, Paddington, London, 2019

Two Stage Design and Build

Mix Use, School and Residential Project at Paddington

Dudley House, located in the London Borough of Westminster, Paddington Basin Opportunity area, is an £80 million local authority funded development to provide 197 homes for intermediate affordable rent, a new “Free” school with 840 places, a retail space and a new church.

The client, Westminster Council chose a 2 Stage Design and Build procurement route to deliver the scheme. With conditional Planning Permission granted in April 2016, the project started on site in December of that year. The school opened in 2018. The residential part completed in September 2019. Child Graddon Lewis Architects (CGL) designed the scheme and steered it through planning into the practical completion stage. As Lead Consultants CGL has led the design co-ordination through Stages 3 and 4 and continue to do so into the current Construction phase of Dudley House project

Scheme Design:

The intention for this housing scheme to cater to residential needs whilst also providing academic, retail and faith-based spaces for residents and locals (the last in the form of a Church), presented a challenge for which multiple solutions were designed.  For example, one early version of the project’s design would have seen two residential blocks erected with the school sitting in-between. However, the final model outlined the build of the residential areas and the school in such a way so as to be visually discernibly separate from one another.

Positioned at the most northerly point of the scheme is the larger tower comprised of residential apartments; this was done so that neighbouring properties would not suffer from sunlight being blocked for a substantial portion of the day.

Ana’s Role & Involvement:

Ana Sidorova worked with the project Architects at CGL. Her involvement, as an architectural assistant, figured mainly in RIBA Stages 2 (as built works), 5 & 6 (Construction). Her personal involvement was comprised of assisting the CGL design team with advancing the design packages to BIM Level 2 by aiding in the production of technical construction drawings, attending site visits and creating the as built design package.

Ana was also part of the team responsible for resolving on-site practical clashes (resulting from the design process) and issues noted by the architect or project manager. These would be reviewed and new packages would be subsequently issued to the main contractor to enable them to continue.

Additionally, Ana has studied this project in more depth at an academic level as part of a ‘RIBA PART 3’ Architectural case study, where she analysed the build from its conception all the way to RIBA Stage 7. This case study was successfully completed, seeing Ana pass the RIBA PART 3 Architecture degree at Metropolitan University, London, in October of 2019.

To learn more about this project, please consult the official Dudley House website to see more apartment details and photos.

Images shown above are publicly available. 

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