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Ana Sidorova worked on this project as an architectural assistant and concept designer within a team of two at Perkins Will Architectural company.

Asserrah Museum, Jeddah Park Development, 2018


Project Location:

The Asserrah Museum is a landmark in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It consists of the museum itself plus a temporary exhibition space.

The project is located in Jeddah Park, on the fourth floor of the ‘Jeddah Park Shopping Mall’ and covers an overall area of 3,750sqm. 


In addition to the museum and temporary exhibition space, a main entrance lobby, retail space/gift store and VIP area are all present. Management offices, back of house storage and supporting technical rooms also figure as part of the scheme.

Project Layout:

In terms of layout, the temporary exhibition is positioned in the centre of the museum in order to showcase all artefacts and exhibits that are chosen to feature. The central location of this space ensures footfall through an open area where all items presented can be fully appreciated.

Given that this is a public project, museum-goers should explore in an orderly manner, especially if visitor numbers are high. As such, they are subtly guided in a certain direction around the scheme; placing of the entrance and exit doors on opposing far sides of the museum encourages visitors to follow the sequenced storytelling approach as one walks through the entrance, along the museum’s length, via the exhibition space, to the exit.

 Having passed through the exit, visitors find themselves in the section containing the café and retail area where additional revenue may be made by the museum, ensuring commercial viability.

Storytelling Concept:

As alluded to above, the visitors’ experience will be driven by a storytelling approach to cover the story of the Prophet Mohammed sequentially and in an engaging manner through state-of-the-art hardware. This concept will revolutionise the storytelling experience as it pertains to a key figure of the Islamic faith, and cement the museum’s reputation as a new benchmark for Islamic museums and exhibitions.

Scope of Works:

Following Stage 1 completion, the project brief was defined and building elements were assessed. Stage 1 was submitted in April 2018.

 The Scope of Works was previously increased to accommodate an additional Islamic Art Gallery however, this was subsequently removed.

Company: Perkins Will

Ana Sidorova worked on this project as an architectural assistant and concept designer within a team of two.

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